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Helping you maximise your Child Care Subsidy

How does hours work?

123 4 Kids offers 9 hour, 10 hour and full day sessions to support our families make the most out of the government’s Child Care Subsidy.

What is the CCS?

CCS is a payment from the Government that will provide financial assistance towards the cost of your child’s care and reduce the cost of your total child care fees. It is available to you if you are a parent, foster parent or grandparent with a child in your care who is attending a child care program approved by the Government. There are specific requirements you need to meet to be eligible for CCS. Until your CCS has been approved and has commenced, we will require full payment of your child’s early learning and care fees.

What should I know about the new Child Care Subsidy?

Three key factors will determine how much Child Care Subsidy families may receive:

  • The combined family income – how much families earn
  • Your fortnightly family activity level – how much families work, train, study or volunteer and
  • The fees charged by the child care service
What is an absence day?

Under the Child Care Subsidy families are allowed 42 absence days per child, per financial year. These 42 allowable absences can be taken for any reason, including public holidays and when children are sick, without the need for families to provide documentation.

Childcare Safety Net

The Child Care Safety Net aims to give the most vulnerable children a strong start while supporting parents into work. It will do this by providing targeted assistance to vulnerable and at-risk children and their families, as well as supporting child care services in disadvantaged communities to address barriers in accessing childcare.

The Child Care Safety Net has three components:

• Additional Child Care Subsidy
• Community Child Care Fund
• Inclusion Support Programme

What is an activity test?

The number of hours of Child Care Subsidy a family is entitled to per fortnight is determined by an activity test. The more hours of activity parents do, the more subsidised care they can access, up to a maximum of 100 hours per fortnight for each child.

How will Child Care Subsidy be paid?

The Child Care Subsidy will be paid directly to child care providers to pass onto families as fee reductions. Families will pay the provider the difference between their subsidy and fees charged. Families will no longer be able to elect to receive their subsidy as a lump sum at the end of the financial year. Families will need to make a claim for Child Care Subsidy when (or before) each child starts attending care.

Public Holidays

123 4 Kids is closed on public holidays; however, fees still apply if any of your usual days of attendance fall on a public holiday. CCS will usually be paid for public holidays unless your initial 42 absence days have already been used.


Standard fees apply for all absences (including Public Holidays) that fall on a usual day of attendance unless the family provides written notice two weeks in advance to implement the holiday discount on the full fee. Holiday discount is available for up to four weeks of care per financial year. Under exceptional circumstances, holiday discount may be applied outside these requirements at the discretion of the Centre Manager. Fee payments must be up to date to receive a holiday discount.

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