We understand the important role we play in meeting nutritional needs

123 4 Kids works at fostering a respectful relationship and building a bridge between our team and guardians to improve communication about children’s nutrition and health. 123 4 Kids food menus are written in a four-week cycle and rotated seasonally during the year and are continually on display for our families in the reception area. We openly welcome input, ideas, suggestions and recipes from our families also, as the children love to share their preferred food with their friends. 123 4 Kids tries to influence children’s eating practices by controlling the availability and accessibility of foods, meal structure, food modelling, food socialisation practices, and food-related parenting style.

123 4 Kids base the menus on the most up to date information from sources such as Feed Australia, the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents, the Australian Infant Feeding Guidelines and Nutrition Australia. At all times, we implement the highest standards of food safety and hygiene practices throughout the centre, and all staff undertake regular professional development to guarantee daily practices are appropriate. Our team is always looking for opportunities for improving the nutritional quality of food provided to children, the time children are engaged in physical activity, and our promotion of children’s health behaviours and use of health education resources.

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