Social Media Policy

123 4 Kids adheres to the following policy when making use of social media.
123 4 Kids embraces the use of social media for the promotion, development and delivery of services. 123 4 Kids recognises that all employees can communicate online in many ways, such as through social media, professional networking sites, blogs, online news sites and personal websites. However, all employees need to use good judgment about what material appears online, and in what context. This policy applies to all 123 4 Kids employees using or having a need to participate in online social media activity for official 123 4 Kids communications and through personal accounts which they have created and administered themselves.


Social media tools are defined in this policy as all online media which allow user participation and interaction including (but not limited to):
  • social networking sites, e.g. Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Friendster
  • video and photo sharing websites, e.g. Flickr, YouTube, Blip, Instagram
  • micro-blogging and activity stream sites, e.g. Twitter, Yammer
  • blogs and blogging platforms, e.g. WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr
  • forums and discussion boards, e.g. Trove Forum, Yahoo! Groups, Google Groups
  • online encyclopaedias, e.g. Wikipedia
  • any other websites that allow individual users or companies to use simple publishing tools, e.g. wikis.


  • Posts must not contain or link to pornographic or indecent content
  • 123 4 Kids has the right to remove any content
  • Employees must not use company blogs to promote personal projects. Links to your social media presences can be included in your blogger profile and on your by-line
  • All materials published or used must respect the copyright of third parties


Responsibilities and Other Factors to Be Aware of In Providing Information on Social Media
Information is to be released through social media only with the awareness that it can be accessed by unspecified numbers of users of all backgrounds and circumstances, and that the information cannot be completely deleted. Each and every employee must remain aware that posting information or responding to it will have an effect, however small it may be, on the broader community. Care must, therefore, be taken not to cause misunderstandings.


Promotion of Communication Through Appropriate Information Sharing
We always remain attentive in lending an ear to what our stakeholders have to say. We are aware that deepening ties with stakeholders through communication can help find solutions to their problems. We are also aware that in doing so we can make an enormous contribution to the elevation of our company’s brand. Through experience, each employee can increase their value. Moreover, by sharing what we have learned broadly, both within the company and without, we strive to contribute to the growth both of individuals and the community.


Compliance with Internal and External Rules and Regulations
While complying with laws and regulations as well as internal company rules, we act as well-intentioned members of society, taking responsibility for our conduct whenever using social media.


Directions and Requests for Our Customers and Service Users
Information transmitted through social media by the employees of our company or any group member company does not necessarily constitute a formal announcement or view of the company. Therefore, please obtain the appropriate prior approval. Formal announcements and official information can be found on our company website and in issued press releases. Modes of interaction regarding announcements will differ (e.g., refusal to comment, method, the timing of responses).


Breach of Policy
Employees who participate in online communication deemed not to be in the best interest of 123 4 Kids will be subject to disciplinary action. 123 4 Kids will remove, or request the employee to remove, any material where there is a breach of the controls detailed in 123 4 Kids’s Social Media Policy.


Enquiries Regarding Social Media Policy
Please submit any inquiries regarding the use of social media by our company by using

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