With Storypark, you can feel close when you’re far away

123 4 Kids users Storypark as its communication tool. Storypark is an easy to use private online service that helps our educators and families work together to record, share and extend the children’s learning and development. 123 4 Kids educators can capture a child’s development by posting photos, videos, stories, notes and comments. Creating a Storypark account is quick, easy and without separate charge for parents and families.


Storypark supports parents/guardians by:
  • Allowing you to be part of your child’s day no matter where you are
  • Extending your child’s interests and learning
  • Recording your child’s stories in one place
  • Helping 123 4 Kids, educators share and collaborate with wider family in a safe, private environment
  • Being suited to any parent or family situation, including working couples, separated parents and overseas relatives; and
  • Offering access to families without separate charge.

    Storypark allows children:
    • Enhancing learning opportunities
    • Facilitating feedback and reinforcement from family
    • Stimulating language and ideas
    • Encouraging stories to be revisited to reinforce and extend learning; and
    • Building an online record that grows with each child.


    Ownership of information
    Storypark doesn’t own your stories and information; instead it merely stores it for you. Any content that was yours, to begin with, remains yours after uploaded to Storypark. Your children’s stories are owned by the creator of the story and controlled by parents or guardians of the child the account is associated with.

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